Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Algorithms - Part II

I'm attending the online course "Algorithms - Part II" on Coursera which is held by Kevin Wayne and Robert Sedgewick from Princeton University. 

I already have a good knowledge of most of the Algorithms which are dealt in this course. Despite that, the course is very interesting and funny because of the weekly assignments: they consist of the application of the algorithms presented in lectures applied to real and sharp problems. 

In the second week the Ariel Shamir's Seam Carving algorithm is proposed as an application of a shotest path algorithm.

According to Coursera Honor Code I will not post any code of my algorithms, but I will show you some results instead. In fact I find this algorithm very interesting and smart! :)

PS: I already read about Ariel Shamir and expecially one of his amazing work. Have a look at this!

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