Monday, 10 March 2014

OpenGL Sandbox - New data and camera handling

I am working quite hard on the OpenGL Sandbox: you can find the repository on GitHub.

I've included some data of the Standord Scannin Repository's into the list of the available 3D models,
the "Stanford bunny" is rather important in the field of computer graphics and deserves a special mention: If you are intrested in it's history, here you can read something about it.

Furthermore, I have also included a very flexible logging system which grants me the possibility to know exactly what happening inside my program.

The other important thing that I've done is to create my own camera handling framework. The original idea was to implement an FPS like camera, although this set up turned out to be rather unconfortable.Therefore, I redesigned to work in the following way.

The camera points at a fixed point $\bar{C_l}$ in the space, and it can rotate on a sphere centered in $\bar{C_l}$ with a radius $C_r$.
You can move the camera on that sphere with a left-click and drag of your mouse. The radius $C_r$ can be modified with the mouse wheel.

You can also move the point $\bar{C_l}$ around and you might use your keyboard to do that. With W/S keys you can shift $\bar{C_l}$ on the Z-axis, A/S keys you can shift on the X-axis and with R/F on the Y-axis. I'm sorry to disappoint you but the R key does not involve any reload operation ;)

At the moment I'm striving to start to work on the shading, I need to add just a few modification in the application and then I can start working on it.

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